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We are a team of Art specialists and artists connoisseurs...


The artists we represent from a wide variety of backgrounds reflect the diversity of contemporary creativity. In our art gallery we exhibit talented contemporary artists representing the full range of painting styles, including abstraction, street art, landscapes, illustrations and pop art.


Great Masters

Great Masters

64, rue Grande - GREAT MASTERS
Street Art

Street Art

Street Art - 1 rue Grande,
Shop Windows

Shop Windows


Our BackGround


35 years of experience ... 3 galleries behind the remparts

35 years of experience ... 3 galleries behind the remparts

Le Capricorne is one of the oldest art gallery in Saint-Paul de Vence

The gallery has 3 exhibition areas, all located in the same Rue Grande which is the main street of this famous proven├žal village.

Full address and themes,

  • 1, Rue Grande >> Street Art
  • 15, Rue Grande >> Contemporary artists
  • 64 Rue Grande >> Great Masters

Where to find us 


... In one of the most Beautifull village in the world, please use interactive map below

Contact us

+33 (0)4 93 58 34 42
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everyday 10.30AM-18.30Pm
01, 15 & 64, rue Grande
06570 - Saint-Paul de Vence, France