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  • Carole Pavio is a French artist born in Lorraine, currently lives and works in the South of France.

  • Since her childhood, she is passionate for art and drawing, but it was until 1996 that she started taking water-colour classes and art therapy courses.

  • Pavio worked as cultural ambassador for the Unesco network and since 2014, she is the sponsor of the French Association CRIGLER-NAJJAR which fights against this genetic disease.

  • Pavio's style is geometric, abstract and minimalist. The lines structure her paintings, organising the arrangement of the colors and the orientation of light. The artist focuses on subjects such as life in general, exploring big problems that life poses us as finite beings. Her work is joyful, subtle and varied.

  • Carole Pavio is an award-winning artist in France and abroad. She regularly exhibits her work all around Europe.


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Color is life

Color is life

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