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Galerie Capricorne is now represented all long rue Grande with a new exhibition area at 1, Rue Grande. This new huge gallery is dedicated mostly to Street Art. Dany Besson, have been promoted as manager.  Please come  to visit us, he will be there to welcome you with warm consideration 

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Galerie le Capricorne at Miami Fair !

Art Miami is the leading international contemporary and modern art fair that takes place each December during art week at the midtown Miami complex in the renowned Wynwood Arts District. It is one of the most important annual contemporary art events in the United States, attracting more than 82,000 collectors, curators, museum professionals and art enthusiasts from around the globe annually. Entering its 27th edition, Art Miami remains committed to showcasing the most important artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries in collaboration with a selection of the world’s most respected galleries.

Trending pieces of  2022 / 2023

Our selection

  • Marc Chagall

    Marc Chagall

  • Carole Pavio

    Carole Pavio

  • Vincent Gachaga

    Vincent Gachaga

  • Christophe Gallard

    Christophe Gallard

  • Alain Vaissiere

    Alain Vaissiere

  • JM Robert

    JM Robert

  • Antonio Villanueva

    Antonio Villanueva

  • Christian Della Giustina

    Christian Della Giustina

  • S.Kristol



    All the Artworks sold in our galleries are authentic, either unique or part of limited registered series. Great Master’s Artworks are, of course, delivered with an attached certificate of authenticity.

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